Marc Beckmann - Director


born in 1974 in Münster, Germany, is a qualified Industrial Designer with 15 years of Design experience across some of the most innovative brands and Design houses in Europe.


He worked for clients such as the VW Design Center, BMW Group, Mercedes, Porsche and Saab to name a few, in between Design and Engineering for In- and Exterior Design of various car lines, including concept cars.


Well-trained in cutting-edge Visualisation techniques, his work extends to the likes of VistaPark and XO Designgroup.


Specialising in various Design disciplines such as 2D Sketching, Polygon- and A-Class Modelling he is able to consult on the complete spectrum of a Design project.


As a balance to his daily grind he finds relaxation in experimental Cooking and Board Sports such as Snowboarding, Surfing and Wake Boarding. 

He is also a devoted sailor.


Mattias Vesterlund - Director


born in 1974 in Sweden, received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Transportation Design from the Art Center College of Design in the year 2000.


Ever since then he has been consulting independently for most major Automotive OEMs, helping in the creation of over 40 Concept- and Production Vehicles. For several of these projects he was entrusted the position of team leader.


With the skill set of a designer he has turned his focus on Virtual Modelling and Visualisation and as a response to the ever growing demand for quality 3D CAS Design competence he founded VForm Design GmbH.  


Privately Mr. Vesterlund is a passionate Scuba Diver (PADI Dive Master) and a dedicated Golfer (Hcp. 12).


He speaks English, German and Swedish fluently. 

Concept Modelling
Concept Modelling
Class-A / Strak
Class-A / Strak



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