When a Design has to be reviewed by the Design team the Visualisation artist plays a vital role by granting a first look at the real-world appeal of a Styling proposal.

Whether real-time presentations or high-quality still renderings, VForm Design can supply such knowledge. 

Concept car designed in house. Mid-engined two-disc rotary turbo performance car. NURBS Model.

VForm Design´s Demonstrator Vehicle for 3D Modeling & Visualisation. NURBS Model.

Evolution of the mid-engined two-disc rotary turbo performance car. GT4-modifications. NURBS & Sub-D Model.

Porsche 917K in two different liveries. Complete model built in NURBS according to original factory plans.

DS, the goddess on wheels. Modelled completely in NURBS, Interior and Exterior.

Porsche 917K Digital Replica X-Ray Rendering, showing the amount of detail modelled in, down to the spark-plugs. All NURBS model.

Animation and company introduction

Concept Modeling
Concept Modeling
Class-A / Strak
Class-A / Strak

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